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Is sleep a problem in your home? I am here for you.
If any of the following sound familiar, I can help:

  • Your child will only fall asleep when nursing or bottle feeding;
  • Your child needs a dummy in order to fall asleep;
  • You’re waking up with your child one or more times per night;
  • Your child needs to be rocked, patted or taken for a car ride to go to sleep;
  • Your own lack of sleep is starting to take a toll on your family.

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Why not be prepared and give yourself the knowledge and tools you need to have your baby on the right track to being a good sleeper right from day one?


Your precious bundle of joy has arrived, but no one is getting any sleep! Let’s start as we mean to go on.


Our most popular package. Baby is out of the newborn phase, but you’re still experiencing night-time wakings, night feeding, cat napping, baby isn’t fitting into any type of schedule, struggling to get to sleep, feeding to sleep, needs rocking to sleep.


Do you battle with your toddler at bedtime? Toddlers are wonderful little people, often with big personalities.

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